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Talking to myself

and inching towards change ....
Primal Dhillon
May 15 2021
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These past month, I have really enjoyed carving out time for reflection. I would love to share two thoughts with you that stood out for me.

1) The hidden superpower of being self-aware

As one grows and gets comfortable with oneself a willingness to analyze our own weaknesses starts to become brave. One realizes that vulnerability with oneself is a gift.

The crux of this journey is to be able to find patterns in behavior. Here are some examples of what one may be saying over and over again at different times and not realize that they are creating negative energy:

  • "No one ever listens to me. I am not important to anyone"
  • "No one is trustworthy"
  • "I do so much for others, all down the drain"

Check yourself to see if you are constantly complaining. Stop right there. No one wants to listen to complainers, and you're only bringing yourself down!

The point is to turn self awareness to positive action and make it your strength. Use journaling, positive affirmations, accountability partners, to stay on track.

Read the complete self-awareness article here.


2) Beating the fear that causes procrastination

I used to often postpone important tasks. I started looking at the root cause of why I postpone some tasks in the first place. I realized that at the core is fear:

  • These tasks give me an unpleasant feeling, almost poke at my emotional cocoon.
  • Their result matters too much to me, I don't want to mess up. They make me think that I need to do an excellent job on them and I need carve out special time and space where I can be hyper focused.
  • They seem too big, almost unsurmountable, so I would rather not begin.

I hope you enjoy these strategies that helped me get over the fear of these tasks and made me more efficient and guilt free!

Would love to know what you think about them, especially the concept of protecting your flow state. Read the complete procrastination article here.


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